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The Neat Neighborhoods competition is a contest running from May 1 – Sept. 1, 2024 organized by the City of Springfield and the Neighborhood Advisory Council. The competition is supported by the presenting sponsor The Hatch Foundation and many other agencies.

The competition involves participating areas being rated on all aspects of their local environment and prizes awarded to the best under many different categories. The overall winner in each of the four City Council Zones is deemed “Neat Neighborhood” which is announced at a ceremony each year.

With progress monitored and detailed feedback, most participants initially enter the competition to generate interest about the environment in their community and create a solid platform on which to raise issues with relevant stakeholders. Over time, the areas attain a standard where competing for major prizes is within reach. As such it is very much a community development program across the City.

Different aspects of the competition are explored in this section, from the types of areas that enter to the assessment criteria used. We hope after reading it, you will be encouraged to enter the competition this year.

The competition judges will consider proof of clean ups and enhancements taking place Jan. 1 – Sept. 1, 2024.

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